Hypnotherapy is a form of complementary therapy which, by use of positive suggestion brings about change in the subconscious mind, altering thoughts, feelings and behaviours by use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a way of enabling you to feel very relaxed, byfocussing your attention on the hypnotherapist's voice, who, by use of suggestion helps you with the problem/s you would like to improve on or resolve, frequently enlisting your own imagination.

Being under hypnosis is a very pleasant, relaxing, secure feeling, where your body feels very lazy, however, you are totally in control of your mind throughout, and you cannot be 'stuck' in hypnosis. You will normally remember most of the session. 


Prior to undergoing hypnosis, our initial meeting will be a thorough consultation to find out exactly how I can help you best and your aims for seeking hypnotherapy, including finding out more about you as a person, and to answer fully any questions you may have.

This normally takes approximately 30-45 minutes. I will then begin our initial hypnotherapy work, after discussing the client-hypnotherapist agreement.  

Following our consultation, I have an approximate plan for our sessions together, however, I like to work flexibly with clients, to enable maximum benefit.

Subsequent hypnotherapy sessions will be approximately 1.5 hours, which includes checking in with how you're feeling, (information that can be used in the session), then preparing you for hypnosis by making you comfortable. The hypnosis part of the session is around 1 hour, then I take feedback about how you are feeling, and discuss what would be helpful in the next session.

I will also teach you self-hypnosis as part of our work, so that you are then able to practice (if possible) daily by yourself, in addition to the hypnotherapy sessions you attend.


  • Alcohol - stopping/reducing intake
  • Anxiety/panic reduction
  • Body image issues
  • Cancer/chronic illness - for example:

                 recognising and acknowledging feelings around diagnosis

                    increase in personal control over the disease

                 having a better quality of life

                   reduction in treatment side effects, for example nausea

                 assistance in coming to terms with prognosis/body image

  • Compulsions/obsessions
  • Depression/low mood
  • Emotional eating/weight management, including hypnotic gastric band
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Fears -   pre-operative/pre-procedure/attending hospital/attending the

                        dentist etc.

  • Health anxieties
  • Insomnia reduction
  • Increased self-esteem/self-confidence
  • Learning how to relax your body, and be kind to it
  • Loss of libido
  • Pain management - pain reduction, improved control, improved life quality of for example migraines, chronic pain of a particular body area, pain flair ups, post-surgical pain, reducing anxiety/depression linked with chronic pain        
  • Phobias- for example spiders, flying, driving, open spaces, needles, cannulas
  • Smoking cessation 

FEESFirst session at the INTRODUCTORY RATE of £40 (1.5 hours), including              an in-depth consultation. Subsequent hypnotherapy sessions £60 

              Fees payable by cash or cheque at the end of each session, or BACS                 transfer (either prior to each session, or at the end of each session)